Business Resiliency Professionals Association


Message From the President
January 2022


Welcome to the start of a new year. I am honored and excited to have been elected as your Board President for the 2022 calendar year. Joining me on the board this year is a highly energized group of people who have already begun demonstrating their commitment to reinvigorating our organization. For many years BRPA has relied on in-person presentations and networking events to bring our people together. Like many organizations, we have struggled over the past two years to find our footing as we were forced to adapt our organization. As we move into this new year, we are coming out strong. Here are a few highlights of key efforts that are being undertaken this year to move us forward.

  • Return to In-Person - The safety and well-being of our members is paramount. With that in mind, this year we plan to start the first event (February 2022) as a virtual only event. Moving forward, it will be our goal to offer subsequent events fully in-person or in-person with a virtual option (hybrid). We cannot say for certain how local guidance will shift, so we will evaluate each event on an individual basis. The board is focused on bringing you events that are both engaging and relevant and we plan to deliver on that commitment regardless of the forum.

  • Strategic Planning – The BRPA board has initiated a strategic planning process aimed at re-examining our organization and asking one important question - where do we want to go from here? We believe the three pillars of BRPA are: Attracting members, supporting our members professional growth and development, and finally, enabling thought leadership. You will see more on this topic as we begin weaving our strategic planning into all that we do.

  • Member Resources – You will find that our website has been updated and reorganized. Particular emphasis has been put into clarifying member resources that are available to all members in good-standing. Two noteworthy enhancements include: A Member Benefits page which members can access at anytime to see what event discounts, tickets, and partner perks are available to BRPA members. Secondly, an improved Job Opportunity Board has been created that is now fully interactive and allows members direct access to post positions they are seeking to fill . Members are also free to login and peruse posted opportunities and sign-up to receive automatic notifications when new opportunities are posted. Numerous additional website enhancements are planned for rollout throughout the year to further add value to BRPA membership.

  • Bylaws and Code of Ethics – The bylaws are the guiding principles by which our organization operates. The bylaws are being updated to accurately reflect our current practices. The Board is in the final stages of completing this review. The Code of Ethics sets forth the professional standards to which all BRPA members are expected to adhere. This newly created document is in the final review stages and is intended to clarify the standards and values to which our organization aspires to. Both documents are scheduled to be shared with the membership within the first quarter of this year. As required by our bylaws and in the interest of transparency, the board will be seeking your support in a vote of all registered members to approve the amended bylaws.

The most valuable part of our organization is its members. We are tremendously appreciative of all the members who have supported us through the pandemic and we are excited to continue our mission. Together, as a collective group, our members represent hundreds of years of experience. Organizational resiliency matters and has never been more relevant than it is today. We look forward to another year of partnership, collaboration and engagement. On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for your continued commitment to BRPA.


Chris Trzeciak
2022 BRPA Board President

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