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“Alone we can do good things but together we can do great things.  Partnering with successful companies to advance our profession is something our membership deserves and expects."

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Alliance Disaster Kleenup is a full service restoration company capable of tackling any type of job, whether large or small. Our teams have the knowledge and hands on expertise to find a solution to even the most difficult restoration projects. Our commitment to excellence drives us to utilize the newest technologies, methods, and protocols on every project we undertake. Alliance Disaster Kleenup is one of the leaders within the restoration industry because of its dedication to set and abide by the highest standards within the industry.

Businesses need to be resilient, secure, able to meet challenging situations head-on and still keep moving forward. At Crisis Guardian, we've helped some of the world's biggest businesses to achieve that. We've been doing it for over 20 years and have picked up awards for innovation along the way. To build true resilience, you need to get everyone on board - at every level of the company. We can help you get your people engaged, raise their awareness, inform and train them with our custom creative solutions

Deft is a trusted provider of colocation, cloud, and disaster recovery services with a 22-year history of providing award-winning services. Our mission is simple yet audacious: To deliver on the promise of technology. Learn more about Deft, our leaders, and what we can do for you.

Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) is a nonprofit that helps organizations around the world prepare for and recover from disasters by providing education, accreditation, and thought leadership in business continuity and related fields. Founded in 1988, DRI International has 15,000+ certified professionals in more than 100 countries and conducts native-language training in more than 50 countries, offering in-depth courses ranging from introductory to master's level, as well as specialty certifications.

We are passionate about Business Continuity Risk Management. Fusion is driven to build innovative solutions 
that improve program effectiveness and efficiency while minimizing cost. We believe that the effective business continuity plan is a dynamic collection of information, not just a document or a script. We know from experience that success in a crisis is a function of making great decisions.

Ripcord develops customized, resiliency training for your employees and recovery teams.  We understand how challenging it can be to finally achieve the organizational buy-in, ownership, and participation needed for a successful resiliency program.  Everything we do is customized to reflect your program, methodology, culture, and brand.

  Q-Tech Communications is a company that specializes in providing dedicated custom solutions for the financial community, and other mission-critical, high availability clients. This allows out customers to focus on their core competencies in today's demanding and ever-changing marketplace. The experts from Q-Tech have confronted the unique demands of today's mission critical, high availability clientele, in which maximum up-time is an absolute necessity. Through our experienced support staff, Q-Tech offers a personalized service offering to help satisfy the exact needs of your business. 

Veoci is the leader in collaboration, continuity, and response software. Through rapid development, depth of knowledge, innovative thinking, and commitment to diversity, we help save time, money, and lives.

Having worked side-by-side for over 20 years, the founders prioritize support and community, and have built Veoci around those principles. We are innovators who realize that the best way we can help ensure organizational resilience and successful crisis management is to create software that everyone can use. 

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